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Hello, my name is Randy Primozic. I'm a freelance 3d designer, located in Madison, WI.

I've spent nearly 30 years as a toy designer with Hasbro, American Girl and Fisher-Price. During that time I've gained experience in other areas as well, such as; sculpture, graphics, photography, model making and woodworking.The design software tools that I use include; Rhino, Maxwell and Adobe CS. My studio also has a prototyping shop.

Currently I manage a web site for Floraline Display Inc. a manufacurer in Cleveland,OH. I am resposible for all image and text content. Please visit http://floraline.com/.

Not all projects take the same linear path of development but I've tried to show some of my work that reflects the main process milestones. Here I've added some images that show the preliminary work leading up to the final product.

Mattel images are captioned with credit and used by permission.

Resume pdf download

Design Process